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Waxx Lyrical is a leading online record store and collectors' hub.  

We press exclusive titles, host a monthly record club and curate an online shop.


We all have a passion for wax and our aim, whether you're a brand new collector or a vinyl connoisseur, is to add depth and diversity to your collection.



Become a club member and we'll treat you like royalty. Every month, you will receive our lovingly-selected feature Record of The Month delivered direct to your door, along with welcome goodies, exclusive artwork and VIP discounts.



Curated by us personally, our boutique  online store features all the new releases, pre-orders to die for and classic titles to fill  those essential gaps in your collection. We sell what we love and we hope you will too. 



27 years ago, Jeff Buckley released one full-length album before he died tragically at the age of 30. The stupendous Grace was that album and his legacy went on to become a worldwide phenomenon. It remains a beacon of its era and one of the single greatest albums ever from one of the single greatest voices ever committed to tape.

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