Waxx Lyrical is a leading online record store and collectors' hub, launched in 2017. We press exclusive titles, host a monthly record club and curate an online shop. We all have a passion for wax and our aim, whether you're a brand new collector or a vinyl connoisseur, is to add depth and diversity to your collection.


Each month we will reveal our featured record of the month before delivering it directly to your door. If it's already in your collection or simply not your jam, you can swap it out for something that is.

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Each month we will reveal our featured record of the month before delivering it direct to your door.

Our aim is to build a diverse, exciting and eclectic collection for those just beginning 
their musical journey, to the experienced vinyl connoisseur and everyone in between!


November is Aus Music Month and we're featuring #1 Dads' gorgeous thrird album Golden Repair. The title references the old Japanese art practice of Kintsugi, by which broken ceramics are fixed using a gold lacquer that symbolically irradiates the cracks, and therein lies the album's themes of self-restoration. It's all wrapped within an intimate and meditative production that puts  the simple essence of the songs at the forefront while still keeping the trademark warmth, ease and approachability that this project is well loved for. 


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