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3 x 12" LP

3 x Exclusive Art Print

Unlimited Trades

Includes Delivery AUS/ NZ Wide

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6 x 12" LP

6 x Exclusive Art Print

Unlimited Trades

Includes Delivery AUS/ NZ Wide

10% Off In Store


Step 1

Subscribe to a Waxx Lyrical plan and every month we'll feature a different 12" Vinyl Record as our Record of The Month.

Step 2

Hopefully you love everything we pick but what if you don't? Fear not, you'll have a window of opportunity to trade it for something else.

Step 3

We’ll then package it up along with some other goodies (including an exclusive art print from an extremely talented artist) and deliver it all to your door.

Step 4

So sit back, put your feet up and allow us the pleasure of building you an awesome collection. Sounds good doesn't it?​

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As well as the pure ecstasy of receiving a brand new record each month, you'll have benefits in our Store, with discounts and extra records available only to our members.

We really are grateful that you're trusting us to build your record collection for you and we certainly won't be leaving you high and dry.That's why we're happy to provide you the option to trade the featured record with one of a select range from the catalogue. 

Although we'd love for you to try new things we do understand sometimes it might just not be your thing or perhaps you've already got it.

  1. No lock in contracts, no hidden agendas, no bad feelings. You can cancel anytime you like.

  2. Payment plans that suit you, we don't want to leave you out of pocket, send us a message and we can sort something out! 

  3. We are real people and real music lovers just like you, we absolutely appreciate you and if you want to get in contact, go for it.

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