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Record Of The Month - February 2024

Prelude To Ecstasy

The Last Dinner Party's hugely anticipated 2024 debut album, Prelude To Ecstasy is Waxx Lyrical's Record of the Month for February 2024.

The Last Dinner Party Prelude To Ecstasy vinyl record debut album


  1. Prelude To Ecstasy

  2. Burn Alive

  3. Caesar on a TV Screen

  4. The Feminine Urge

  5. On Your Side

  6. Beautiful Boy

  7. Gjuha

  8. Sinner

  9. My Lady of Mercy

  10. Portrait of a Dead Girl

  11. Nothing Matters

  12. Mirror

At the turn of 2023, The Last Dinner Party was little more than a new name being shared amongst those that had caught them live. Great songs, strong aesthetic. Having spent much of 2022 writing those songs, road-testing them, and then taking them into the studio, it wasn't until April when the band released the instantly more-ish, dark guitar-pop of 'Nothing Matters' that seemingly everyone had now formed an opinion on them. They had arrived seemingly fully formed, an introduction that took the online world by storm, so much so, that conspiracy theorists had deemed them the latest industry plant. Yet behind all the excitement and narrative was a fantastically confident indie-rock song by a band doing it the old-fashioned way, out on the road. Now comes debut album, Prelude To Ecstasy, both the closing of that introductory chapter and the opening of the next. It combines all the elements that have garnered them this early platform; leftfield pop hooks, rock flourishes and a colourful sense of theatricality. This is no case of style over substance - here is band who impossibly step up to the buzz and excitement already accumulated, refusing to wilt under the spotlight and choosing to become a tighter, stronger, closer-knit group of women who have appear to be having a hell of a lot of fun! The album doesn't dream big, it dreams huge!

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