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Waxx Lyrical 2020

record of the month

January '20

Fleetwood Mac

RUMOURS (on clear vinyl)

What we like about it

Simply one of the all time greats. A paragraph can't do it justice - but i'll try. 

The songs themselves seem sweet and tender, but when you learn of the goings on within the band (and lighting crew) during the writing and recording phase - you suddenly find layers upon layers. If you're not familiar with the stories, grab yourself some pop corn and fire up Google. 

It's an album that you could listen to 100 times and each time realise something new. For me, that's something truly special.


- Sam, Waxx Lyrical

What the critics say

"With every member of the band touched by some degree of relationship hell, they made a trouble-filled, cocaine-fuelled album . . . that sounded like a thousand angels kissing you sweetly on the forehead"

- Daryl Easlea - BBC

- Tim Sommer, Observer

“Rumours is an old, sweet and complicated friend who gets more interesting every time you talk to them. Even when they tell you a story you have heard 88 times, you find some new details, some new angle, some new twist or emphasis you never noticed before.”

Track List

1. Second Hand News

2. Dreams

3. Never Going Back Again

4. Don't Stop

5. Go Your Own Way

6. Songbird

7. The Chain

8. You Make Loving Fun

9. I Don't Want to Know

10. Oh Daddy

11. Gold Dust Woman

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