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LPSEEDS10 - reissued in 2016 presented on a single black LP on 180g vinyl, remastered (and greatly enriched) for the format.

PLUS an exclusive art piece

PLUS listening notes.

June 2023


The Boatman's Call (1997)

As the winter winds whisper their melancholic tales and the land embraces a crisp embrace, we are inviting you to embark on a captivating musical journey with us. Immerse yourself in the somber depths of Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds' The Boatman's Call, our chosen Record of the Month for this wintry season. This breathtaking album, the group's 10th, was released in 1997 amidst a world still reeling from the brutality and impact of Murder Ballads. However, the stark and soul-baring The Boatman's Call is a complete about-face and stands apart from its predecessors, departing from the vivid imagery that defined that previous record and indeed their entire post-punk catalog to that point. Its arrival coincided with the end of both Cave's marriage to Brazilian journalist Viviane Carnerio and his brief whirlwind romance with PJ Harvey, resulting in an intimate record that delves into the realms of sorrow, anger, and self-loathing. Yet, it is presented with a rare candor and directness, devoid of manipulation. This album completely peels away the layers, revealing Cave at his most vulnerable. Its melodies resonate with a sense of melancholy, its lyrics bearing poignant reflections. Certainly an album that plays into that concept of the power of music casting spells to nurture our soul, it's one we can experience its true essence and explore together over the coming month.

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the facts

Artist :

Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

Album :

The Boatman's Call

Released :

March 3, 1997


Mute / Reprise


Flood / Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds


Nick Cave, Mick Harvey, Blixa Bargeld, Martyn P. Casey, Conway Savage, Warren Ellis, Jim Sclavunos, Thomas Wydler.

Singles :

'Into My Arms', '(Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For?'




A1. Into My Arms

A2. Lime- Tree Arbour

A3. People Ain't No Good

A4. Brompton Oratory

A5. There Is A Kingdom

A6. (Are You) The One That I've Been Waiting For?

B1. Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere?

B2. West Country Girl

B3. Black Hair

B4. Idiot Prayer

B5. Far From Me

B6. Green Eyes

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