If you had to make an equation of all the elements that made the early Oasis singles so apocalyptically good – huge waves of guitar hooks, a melody you can't shake, a thunderous rhythm and Liam Gallagher's voice delivering an unbelievably catchy chorus - then "Wall Of Glass'" would be the result. Boosted by a contemporary, bass-heavy production, it's a track that provides a fresh new angle to Liam's sound while maintaining the traits that made him such an influential artist.

With undeniable power and a yearning menace, it's hard to recall a time that Liam has sung better; it's like hearing him for the first time.


  • 1. Wall Of Glass
  • 2. Bold
  • 3. Greedy Soul'
  • 4. Paper Crown
  • 5. For What It's Worth
  • 6. When I'm In Need
  • 7. You Better Run
  • 8. I Get By
  • 9. Chinatown
  • 10. Come Back To Me
  • 11. Universal Gleam
  • 12. I've All I Need

Liam Gallagher - As You Were


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