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The third self-produced studio album by Brisbane emo stalwarts  WE SET SAIL. Double LP pressed on frosted translucent orange vinyl. Comes with 12 page liner booklet featuring lyric sheet and a back story of the band with photos from recording sessions taken in the band's shed studio. First pressing limited to 200.



  1. The Valium Phase

  2. Salt On The Water

  3. Hurry Up, I Wanna Fuckin’ Leave

  4. Does Everyone Always Feel This Good In Real Life?

  5. Organ Freeman

  6. Cycle Has Charm

  7. Ordinary

  8. Palm Mutant

  9. Resolutions

  10. Tiled Floor Symmetry

  11. The Goggles Do Nothing

  12. Well, That’s 13 Years Of My Life I’ll Never Get Back

  13. Meshuggah Ray (Space Jam 2)

  14. Paper Cuts Hurt Way More than They Should

We Set Sail - Ritual and Ceremony (2LP Frosted Translucent Orange Vinyl)

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