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The existence of the sublimely secretive desert opus conceived by Iggy Pop and Joshua Homme has been revealed!


'Post Pop Depression' - out via Rekords Rekords/Loma Vista/Caroline International - is the 17th Iggy Pop album, and a worthy addition to the 22 album legacy spawned with the immortal trilogy of 'The Stooges,' 'Fun House' and 'Raw Power,' spanning massively influential solo outings including 1977's opening 1-2 combo of 'The Idiot' and 'Lust For Life,' and 1990's gold-certified 'Brick By Brick.'


The first Iggy Pop album co-created with producer/guitarist/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist/bandleader Homme, 'Post Pop Depression' began with a succinctly worded text from Iggy to Joshua, and was realised in seclusion with Homme's enlisted aid of his Queens Of The Stone Age bandmate and Dead Weather-man Dean Fertita and Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders. Both became instantly integral in creating and shaping the Detroit meets Palm Desert by way of old Berlin vibe of 'Post Pop Depression.'


Interweaving with and augmenting even more superhuman than expected - Iggy's vocal performances, Homme's tapestry of guitar, bass, piano and backing vocals, Fertita's talent for wringing the most out of only the most essential notes worked in seamless tandem with Helders' pushing himself and his new bandmates to unforeseeable heights and depths.



Side A

  1. Break Into Your Heart
  2. Gardenia
  3. American Valhalla
  4. In The Lobby
  5. Sunday


Side B

  1. Vulture
  2. German Days
  3. Chocolate Drops
  4. Paraguay

Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression (180g Vinyl)

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