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Limited Edition Orange 2LP 180g Vinyl


55 Million streams.
Six #1 hits.
2023 Rolling Stone Australia Award nominee for Best New Talent.
Half a million monthly Spotify listeners.
300,000 TikTok fans.
Sold out shows Australia wide.
An ARIA Award Platinum first single ….
James Johnston is one of Australia’s most exciting musicians at the moment.

“I want other people to see themselves in my music, that’s what it’s all about… I was culling down from hundreds and hundreds of songs for the album and when I got down to about twenty songs, I thought, ‘This is the story that I want to tell’, and I don’t want to compromise on that,” says the singer. Johnston has an unwavering commitment to telling intimate and vulnerable stories of country living that make us stop in our tracks - and the album ‘Raised Like That’ is his story.


It’s the largest debut country album ever released in Australia and its available in a custom designed jacket, hand-numbered on beautiful double orange vinyl.

With essay written exclusively for Impressed by photojournalist Lilli Boisselet and only 200 copies pressed in orange vinyl, this is a collectors item in the making.

James Johnston - Raised Like That (Limited Edition 2LP 180g Orange Vinyl)

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