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Odette's Odyssey Continues...

It’s hard to surpass Odette’s first album To A Stranger, an incredible debut that was on high rotation in 2018. Seeing it all come to life on stage at Splendour (when festivals were still a thing) was definitely a highlight as this gorgeous little lady, a vocal powerhouse flittered across the stage and melted our hearts.

From the first song, the title track from her new album named Herald you are instantly welcomed into the familiar sounds that are uniquely, Odette. Her raw expression and deeply felt emotions wrapped up in music are simply breathtaking. As Odette explores the world around her - the beauty, the challenges - there is always an underlying sentiment of "I’ll get through this", and that determination to persevere and rally for more. It’s contagious! You can’t help but feel inspired to hold onto hope.

Odette’s soulful voice accompanied by driving beats, smooth sax, twinkling piano and some deep bass is the perfect afternoon record to spin solo or with your special someone.

We have both Herald and To A Stranger available in the online store. And make sure you nab a ticket to her forthcoming shows.


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