Andy Bull : the Waxx Lyrical Interview

Updated: Oct 27, 2020

ANDY BULL is an incredibly articulate man. Just like his music, a conversation with him typically promises to be funny, honest and captivating. His 2014 magnum opus Sea Of Approval is our Record Of The Month and was an absolute no-brainer when we realised it had never received a vinyl pressing. We entertained the idea, Andy was into it, his label was into it and the rest is history. We jumped on the phone to discuss all things music, records and, of course, Sea Of Approval.

WL: Hey Andy, how are you? What's happening?

AB: Hey amigo. I’m alright man. I guess, if you mean in general, then like the rest of the world I’ve just been trying to go day by day in the middle of this COVID business and all the rest. More specifically though, I’m drinking a cup of tea.