Originally released exclusively to VIP ticket holders as part of 30th anniversary celebration tour of Starfish & now available to Waxx Lyrical! 


‘Starfish’ was the fifth album from THE CHURCH. Released in 1988 has gone on to become their most commercially successful and perhaps critically adored of their 20+ albums.
Recorded and produced in Los Angeles with Waddy Wachtel and Greg Ladanyi – the album is of course the parent of their most well known track ‘Under The Milky Way’ – further though, the full 10 track album is a densely cohesive recording which provided the band global acclaim thanks to college radio success alongside intensive touring.


Side A

  • 1. Destination
  • 2. Under The Milky Way
  • 3. Blood Money
  • 4. Lost
  • 5. North South East and West

Side B

  • 1. Spark
  • 2. Antenna
  • 3. Reptile
  • 4. A New Season
  • 5. Hotel Womb


The Church - Starfish (Limited Tour White Vinyl Edition)


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