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Limited Edition 180g Black Vinyl. Individually numbered, OBI strip.


We kept hearing about them. About these ‘kids’ from the hills somewhere up in the Northern Rivers of NSW. Who could play - like really play - and could make face-melting psych-jazz-rock that sounded fresh and reverent all at the same time. We walked into Howl & Moan on a trip up to Byron and they told us about them. They sold us this record that had just come in. And it was so good that we bought them all - all 100 - from the band to sell to you. We watched the videos from their - own, self-curated - festival, Anemoia. They made and edited them too. Our jaws picked themselves up from the floor.


Liminal are aged 17-20. And they made this all themselves. The feeling that we had was similar to that first time we heard Innerspeaker. But darker, yet also a little more playful. Trust us, if you like early Tame, if you like Pond, or even those Australian psych overlords KG&TLW, we think you’ll dig this record. This is Liminal’s second album. They are currently writing and recording the third one, deep in the hills behind Lismore, Australia. If you ever wanted to be a part of something before it becomes something, now is your chance. 


White Dots comes with a specially-designed obi strip from Alako Myles, founder, drummer, producer and mixer and co-writer of Liminal.


There’s only 100 numbered copies of these in heavyweight black vinyl, and we know you’ll feel like we did when you play it. 





Liminal - White Dots (Limited Edition 180g Black Vinyl)

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