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A Waxx Lyrical Record Of The Month, for Novemeber 2023 - AusMusicMonth.


The Sound as Ever Facebook group was started in February 2020, a month before the world locked down for the global pandemic. In just two years, the page has grown to over 18,000 members.


What started out as a place to document and celebrate the Australian music scene in the 90s -  a time sans-internet and camera-phones - has now built up into a community of music lovers, storytellers and archivists. 


Another unexpected outcome has been the formation of the Sound As Ever 90-99 record label and the curation of Sound As Ever 90-99 Loud & Live events.


To celebrate the growing influence and success of the Sound As Ever brand, founder Jane Gazzo and Scott Thurling have curated a unique 2LP vinyl product called ‘Blind Love: A Sound As Ever Anthology’. The compilation features 25 of the best Australian alternative hits from the 90s, including the likes of Powderfinger, Spiderbait, You Am I and many more, and with artwork by celebrated artist Ben Brown.




  1. That Aint Bad - Ratcat
  2. If A Vow - The Hummingbirds
  3. Silver Lizard - Tumbleweed
  4. Black Stick - The Cruel Sea
  5. Pace It - Magic Dirt
  6. Berlin Chair - You Am I
  7. Political Prisoners - Insurge



  1. Dont It Get You Down - Deadstar
  2. Before - Caligula
  3. D.A.F. - Powderfinger
  4. Losin It - Underground Lovers
  5. Apple Tree - Drop City



  1. Say It - Clouds
  2. Youre Not The Only One Who Feels This Way - Ammonia
  3. Titanic Days - Sidewinder
  4. Calypso - Spiderbait
  5. Apartment - Custard
  6. Dogs Are The Best People - The Fauves
  7. Ordinary Angels - Frente!



  1. Harpoon - Jebediah
  2. Lemonsuck - Pollyanna
  3. Ignorance Is Bliss - Tiddas
  4. Black Bugs - Regurgitator
  5. Just Ace - Grinspoon
  6. Captain (Million Miles An Hour) Something For Kate

Blind Love: A Sound As Ever Anthology (Aus Indie 90-99) (2LP Vinyl)

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