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Give The Gift of Vinyl With The Gift That Keeps On Giving ... Literally!


12 Month Subscription Gift.


Please read - Buy now, fill out your own details for the purchase and simply enter your giftee/recipient's details in the notes section in the cart. Or simply drop us an email to say hey and to ensure this is done for you -


All we need is their: 

- Name

- Address

- Phone number (for parcel tracking)

- Email address (for record announcements) 

- Any special personalised message you'd like us to add to their welcome package.

- A date to begin communication with the recipient (if it's time sensitive for a birthday, etc)


And we'll do the rest! 


Each month, the recipient will receive our featured record of the month delivered direct to their door. We aim to provide an experience alongside this record and a club membership will also unlock a world in which frequent member discounts are offered in the store. They will also receive monthly album-inspired artwork, a couple of welcome goodies when they first join and whatever else we can access around the time to squeeze into the package.

12 Month Subscription Gift


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