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The Panics recorded "A House on a Street in a Town I’m From" in Manchester and Australia in 2002, including some songs from their earlier EPs, the album shows an early view into the formation of their trademark sound. Featuring tracks including “This Day Last Year”, “Don’t Be Kind” and “Kid You’re a Dreamer” the album captures the early 2000s scene, with the recording still sounding fresh in 2024.  


Following the 20th anniversary of the album in 2023, Love As Fiction Records is pleased to present the album on vinyl for the first time. This single LP (band curated tracklist) will be pressed on limited edition (of 300) clear orange vinyl with the original CD artwork updated for this release. The tightened, 10 track version of the album has been remastered for vinyl by Chris Hanszek.



Side A

This Day Last Year
Don't Be Kind
How's It Feel
Kid You're A Dreamer
Monkeys In The Hallway

Side B
More Than You Wanted To Know
My Brilliant Career
Give Me Some Good Luck
Fire On The Hill
I Give In

The Panics - A House on a Street in a Town I'm From (Limited Clear Orange Vinyl)

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