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Previously, a Waxx Lyrical Record Of The Month - January 2024


The Moving Stills are your friendly neighbourhood indie pop band from the Central Coast NSW (Darkinjung Country). Wading through vibrant melodies and nostalgic sounds, with pop hooks that glide through a dance floor full of heart and warmth. The Moving Stills have established a reputation of danceable Alt-Indie Pop tracks that float through the coastal air.


Released in late 2023, the band's sophomore album Wabi Sabi extends the group's reputation of a sunny disposition into new territory and introduces some more groove-focussed tracks. It's the perfect summer soundtrack and ideal to introduce 2024 with. It was January's Record Of The Month. 



1. Sunshine
2. Westside
3. Wabi Sabi
4. Better
5. In Your City


6. Drive Home
7. The Lesson
8. Best Friend
9. I Got You
10. Volcano

The Moving Stills - Wabi Sabi (Limited Edition Saffron Yellow Vinyl)

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