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Top Tips: Buying Second Hand Vinyl


Have a look for deep scratches, if you find some then the record will most certainly skip. Which of course is the most annoying thing in the entire world. Smaller scratches might not affect audio quality at all but keep an eye out for those big ones. Older records may have been sitting in somebody’s uncle’s basement since 1984, so also check for dirt and mould.


Good quality vinyl is usually nice and heavy as the thickness of the record can thin out the more it gets played. If something seems flimsy, probably best to avoid.


Not only are records more attractive if their outer and inner sleeves are in good nick, but it’s a sure sign that they’ve been well looked after. Vinyl lovers usually take good pride and care in their collections and if they have, that’s great news for the second-hand buyer.


If you can try before you buy, then absolutely do so! Ask in store if you can throw one on the turntable and listen for yourself. It’s best to be completely sure before spending your hard-earned dollar.


Now you’ve got your mits on some tasty waxx, enjoy it and look after it! Keep them clean and you’ll keep them quality for years and years to come!

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