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Spotlight: Feign Jima, 'Ballerina Baby'

Intimate | Acoustic | Heartfelt

"Suck it up and suck it in / do your perfect ballerina baby spin."

Naarm / Melbourne vocalist Feign Jima has just released her new EP, Funny How Things Turn Out, seemingly speaking directly to times spent in lockdown with her partner and producer Jim Rindfleish of Mildlife.

Focus single, the exquisite 'Ballerina Baby' isn't shy about sounding exactly how it is, non-plussed with anything aside from sheer beauty.

It's sparse in its execution and therefore, seemingly simple in production, though capturing Jamie Fanning's disarming vocal in such a vulnerable state would not be a simple feat. It's front and centre here, flanked only by a steadily-strummed acoustic guitar.

This particular song takes a meditative folk approach, it's funeral-paced but entirely enchanting.

Fanning's tender lyricism peel back layer upon layer of evocative images - Suck it up and suck it in / do your perfect ballerina baby spin" - and draw you closer and closer with each repeated listen.

Fanning feels like she could sing the phone book and it would be delivered with poise and grace. Her timbre is enchanting to the point of hypnotic.

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