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Spotlight: The Terrys

Aussie Indie Surf Frothers

Gerringong, NSW band The Terrys have contributed a hefty blip on our radar for the last 12 months or so, and if you're feeling the same so far, we reckon you're absolutely right. Not only are their songwriting chops the most appealing we've heard in ages and their strongest asset to our ears, but also they're effortlessly at home with the country's festival frothers like DMA's, Skeggs and Dune Rats. They're even signed to James Tidswell from Violent Soho's record label who recently released the band's rather impeccable debut body of work - The Terrysonic Mixtape. It had nothing short of eight equally excellent singles, the recent radio staple 'Cost The Peace' and triple j Hottest 100 inclusion 'Our Paradise'.

The lads have a new track which some are calling the best from them yet. 'IDK' boasts a zesty opening guitar riff, a tidy nod to 1960's rock'n'roll, before it settles into their comfortable jangly territory. It's already being touted as one of the band's best from the voices at Unearthed, unsurprising really as the extended guitar solos, trademark shouty gang backing vocals and lyrical ambiguity from vocalist Jacob Finch, one of the most earnest, relatable and charming voices around right now. They're insanely competent with a hook and 'IDK' is another three minute masterclass of pure indie-pop perfection and excess originality and natural smarts to take it all the way and under their own esteem to boot.

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