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Spotlight : The Atomic Beau Project, 'GHOSTS'

Brutal / Beautiful / Killer

Rectifying a distinct lack of metal in this column so far, we're drawing attention to The Atomic Beau Project from the sunny part of South East Queensland. Having crushed a powerful pair of BIGSOUND performances last week, their new single 'GHOSTS' isn't only timely, but also a short, focused masterclass in utter badassery.

Self-produced by drummer Andy James and mastered by Lance Prenc (Alpha Wolf, Diamond Construct, Void Of Vision), there's a LOT to sink your fangs into here on 'GHOSTS'. The frenetic yet sinfully-tight and beyond impressive display of musicianship from every band member, the stand-out production, the progressive burn of the song itself, the goth-leaning lyrics and, especially, the distortion-saturated vocal and lyrical prowess of the soon-to-be-iconic frontwoman, Emma Beau.

And, most impressive, it's all perfectly wrapped and efficiently taken care of in under three minutes!

The band describe themselves as "heavily inspired by sci-fi, horror, and fiction" and you can hear it all right here in their sound. Despite the heavy foundation on which the song is sturdily built, strong pop sensibilities and the hint of other genre influences creep in. If the melodies of bands like Poppy or Blackbriar or even the darkness of Deftones are already in your wheelhouse, than this will be your new jam. There's an industrial wall of guitars, early Muse-esque melody shifts, machine gun drum rhythms, deep themes of sleep paralysis and vivid lyrical imagery that, frankly, is genuinely more than a little spooky.

"I wrote the single about sleep paralysis, it’s deep, it’s dark, it’s REAL and the band made this song idea a reality, more than I ever thought possible." - Emma Beau.

Diving a bit deeper into their music, it might be over-obvious to say The Atomic Beau Project are one sizeable single away from the largest of festival stages. 'GHOSTS' is the first flavours from a reported forthcoming debut EP, though no word on when that'll be out just yet. From here, keep on eye on their socials for show news and what-not, we have strong feelings this is going to be quite the ride.


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