Waxx Lyrical Exclusive : CSS' 'Cansei De Ser Sexy'

Come March, members of Waxx Lyrical have the chance to get their hands around our exclusive re-pressing of Sao Paulo’s CSS’ debut album Cansei De Ser Sexy for the first time since 2006. You’ve been super patient waiting for this one and we thank you – it’s not only our first international exclusive where we get to work with the band directly, but also the mighty Sub Pop Records - that's a kinda big deal! It’s almost a bit surreal. It also comes in a package not to be denied – slick, alternate artwork and pressed on bright yellow wax, individually numbered and strictly limited to 250 copies. Who knows when this could get pressed again?

Why did we choose to give this particular album the royal Waxx Lyrical treatment? Well first of all, our fearless leader goes mad for it, and that’s usually enough of a reason. I can only assume a younger version of himself is just bursting on the inside right about now. To fully understand why this record even entered our periphery, we’d have to go back to 2006.