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Heat Seeker : Winifred, 'Fixed On You'

Electronic / Slick Dance / Sinfully Hooky

It's unsurprising to dig deeper into the music of one Winifred and discover that she is in fact another project of the illustrious, Kate Martin. TBH though, FNQ Originals in Cairns did point us in the right direction during their monthly countdown (as a sponsor, are we allowed to say that we really want Winifred to win and that you should cast your vote her way HERE?

Her latest single 'Fixed On You' arrives with such sophistication beyond the years of any artist with only a couple of singles under their belt.

Hailing from Townsville, Martin has talent of inimitable proportions having already released three full albums under her name and collaborated keenly on tracks across virtually every genre.

But that was then... For now, at least, she's Winifred, a mysterious moniker which is not only her own middle name but one also inherited from her grandmother. Her 'sophisticated pop project' is just that, and has already landed a TV campaign for Apple iPhone as a co-writer for Alice Ivy's 'In My Mind' alongside Ecco Vandal, amongst many sync opportunities.

Needless to say, having served her 'apprenticeship' as an artist using her own name, Winifred is ready to soar. 'Fixed On You' is all class, a slick number with a stranglehold on one heck of an irresistible groove and a beat that directs you straight to the dance floors of Europe. It's dark and dreamy, sensual and inviting (not to mention hell-focussed on the object of her affection), and the wealth of Martin's experience is on full display -- her hooks are simple and effective, her vocal shows strength in its breathiness. Needless to say, the future of Winifred is incredibly exciting. She has already released a debut EP which has quickly stacked up the accolades. 'Fixed On You' is a simply remarkable next step....

“My desire was for Winifred to have structural parameters; my artistic intention has shifted from an inward, cathartic perspective to an outward one, where the listener comes first. And within those self-imposed parameters there is infinite freedom and possibility to venture wherever the song and production leads me. Winifred leans heavily into the unrestrictive, all encompassing, modern definition of pop.”


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