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From the get go, there was no mistaking this collaboration of established musicians.
Now, the band are excited to announce their debut 5-track EP 'What's a Boy S'posed To Do' to be released worldwide September 19.

The Brisbane based creatives - Sam Hales (The Jungle Giants), Lewis Stephenson (The Belligerents, Confidence Man), Spencer White (Morning Harvey, Collar), Aidan Moore (Moses Gunn Collective, Confidence Man) and Steve Kempnich (Audio Engineer/musician & former touring member of Last Dinosaurs and Millions) - came together to create a brand new band as a home for the songs that don't quite fit the mould of their other musical projects.

Influenced by glam rock, the EP's lead single Orphan is the thumping rock banger was punched out in just half a day, they intensified the song with a blistering guitar solo from Cesira Aitken (The Jungle Giants) to add a frenetic end to the track.

Lighten Up Your Day shows a new way of writing for Lewis and Spencer, Taking You Alive was originally demoed as a track for The Jungle Giants and Friends Forever is a shrine for the good side of bad influences, Spencer had been holding on to title track 'What's A Boy S'Posed To Do' for quite some time, but could never seem to find a home for it, When Orphans Orphans were established, the fit was perfect, A slow burner, 'What's A Boy S'Posed To Do' is a spontaneous creation, leaving the listener to speculate and deliberate.

Self produced in bedrooms, hallways, garages and the occasional studio, mixed by Magoo and mastered by Leon Zervos, 'What's A Boy S'Posed To Do' will have a limited special edition vinyl release, with a choice of 2 coloured vinyl with etching on a 12" disc.




2.Lighten Up Your Day

3.Taking You Alive

4.Friends Forever

5.What's A Boy S'posed To Do


Vinyl release of Orphans Orphans - What's A Boy S'pose To Do Ep. Released through Amplifire Music .

Orphans Orphans - What's A Boy S'psoed To Do (Surprise Coloured Vinyl)

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