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Waxx Lyrical Australian Exclsuive Clear Vinyl. Limited Edition of 200.


We here at Waxx Lyrical are elated to bring Australian music lovers another exclusive, our second for 2022 and we would have otherwise missed out on. It is a very limited pressing of London singer-songwriter Laurel's two recent EP releases - Petrol Bloom and Limbo Cherry - one on each side of a clear vinyl record for the first time ever.


Laurel executed this plan - releasing material which adds up to a full length record in two parts - rather than as a traditional album as a commitment to do things her way, rather than following the crowd.


“I wanted to release music as I felt it rather than always waiting,” she reveals. “By the time I was releasing the music I felt I had moved on to different tastes, themes and emotions. In today’s world where everything is consumed so quickly, it felt the right way to be sharing my art."


Her confessional debut album, Dogviolet, was a stand-out of 2018, its indie-rock sound, produced and mixed by Laurel herself, lauded as "spine tingling and attention grabbing chamber pop". It was also a global introduction to a powerful new voice in music, one that's entirely her own, but not entirely dissimilar to one Florence Welch. Hearing her for the first seemed like something of a revelation.


However come 2020, one of the weirdest years the world has seen in recent memory, the free-spirited artist sling-shotted from L.A. to France and then finally back to London. She capped off 12 months of flux and confusion with the astonishing Petrol Bloom EP, quickly gaining praise for its shimmering new sound, sharp aesthetic and demon-quashing "full bodied pop".


As it turned out, there was a bright and buzzy second half to the project. Limbo Cherry quickly emerged as the perky flip side to the previous' glossy anthems and completed what now feels like a set.


“Both of the records are about me coming of age,” explains the 26-year-old Brit. “They’re about me becoming a woman – so much has changed for me in the past year or two, in terms of me knowing who I am.”


Petrol Bloom

A1. Scream Drive Faster

A2. Best I Ever Had

A3. Appetite

A4. When You're Walking Away

A5. Sometimes


Limbo Cherry

B1. Let Go

B2. Obsessed

B3. You're The One

B4. Wild Side

B5. Drown In Sunlight

Laurel - Petrol Bloom / Limbo Cherry LP (Waxx Lyrical Aus Exclusive Clear Vinyl)


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