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LIMITED EDITION 7" 45rpm vinyl - Clear-Sound Splatter.

Black (available upon request)


'Rhythm's Got Soul' is the highly anticipated collaboration between the renowned singer/ songwriter Asabi Goodman, and producer/arranger Geoff Boardman A.K.A. Blunted Stylus. The combined impact of supreme vocals and powerhouse production, brings authority and intrigue to the dance floor; their key to enhancing an ever-expanding musical soundscape.


'Rhythm's Got Soul' bursts through the stratosphere all frequencies blazing', filling the dancefloor with high pitched horns, filtered drums, those sultry Asabi vocals, reinforced by the everlasting bass from Andrew 'Bigfoot' Leslie. Momentum steps up with the rhythm guitar of Dave VHS, accompanied with vamp keys and hectic percussion.

The SOULICITORS are the band on this release 'sitting in the groove', syncopated and loose after the MPC4000 sample treatment, a sort of new paradigm of band-samples soul-fusion exploration! Free your mind and the mirror ball will follow.

"Rhythm's Hot" (Afro Instrumental) is a monster cut on the flip, a relentlessly persuasive percussion groove, well timed transitions spread smooth like butter, akin to Midnight Marauders chords, styled across 'A Taste Of Honey' bassline for example, on an Afrocentric trip building up to the disco-fever instrumental strut.

Rhythm's Got Soul has "groove and style" reminiscent of the back-to-back, wall-to-wall packed dancefloors of the fever-pitched disco era, steady spinning in at 115 BPM.

The Brisbane based artists bring original songs and compositions realised with collaborative efforts of the close creative community. The musician's recordings and sessions audio from K-Rasta Studio Brisbane, was tracked, (sometimes sampled), arranged and mixed, at the Hangmad Productions house by Geoff Boardman, resulting in a fresh new emerging sound.

Asabi is an American born, Australian entertainer consistently performing in stage and screen productions, and touring with bands and Broadway musicals (Hairspray! The Musical, CHICAGO).

Asabi's vocal ability effortlessly elevates from 'sweet and soulful' to 'commanding and powerful', all the while showing unmistakably that her passion for the audience, and respect for the song is at the heart of every performance.

Geoff is an Australian producer, avid record collector, and co-founder of the ground breaking sample-funk group the 'RESIN DOGS' (1996-2005).
From the days of cutting his teeth in mixtapes and community radio at 4ZZZ in 1988 (arguably the golden era of hip hop), plus four Jazz-funk sample albums under his belt.
'Rhythm's Got Soul' arrives cued-up ready! The track highlights Geoff's ability to blend his time proven sample ethic into a resonating dynamic disco experience.



A1. Rhythm's Got Soul (Lose Control)
B1.  Rhythm's Hot (Afro Instrumental)

Blunted Stylus - Rhythm's Got Soul (7" Clear Splatter)

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