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Waxx Lyrical Introduces Exciting New Service, To Begin This September

Get excited club members, for your membership is about to get a lot more exciting! As an extension to current subscriptions and a reward to the loyalty our community displays, we are delighted to announce a new service the FEATURE RECORD. It's long been our goal to be the best darn monthly record club in the country, and now we can finally offer more and move forward in that ambitious direction.

From this September and from time to time, when you open your monthly box, you will receive an extra record, an essential new release -- still carefully curated for the quality control you've come to trust.

As you already know, we strive to enhance your experience with the music in your monthly box. Our goals are to encourage deep listening, to build the presence of the physical product in general and, most importantly, support these incredible, hard working artists. We always include what extras we can get our hands on, as well as as bespoke exclusives - autographed photo or art prints, etc. We chase interviews and generally entice a better understanding of the records we are featuring.

Don't worry about your current monthly subscription - RECORD OF THE MONTH - as it will remain unchanged. If anything, its purpose of uncovering essential and killer gap fillers while continuing to build or enhance your collection, will become more and more focused with the addition of the FEATURE RECORD.

To summarise:

Club members - do nothing, sit back and receive your extra record.

Non-club members - get cracking and join immediately to take advantage of this offer.

As always, we invite your feedback on what you think of each record – your opinions are not only interesting to us, but also extremely valuable to strengthen our service and friendship in music.

Our first ever Feature Album is Gretta Ray's debut Begin To Look Around. The remarkable record from the Melbourne triple j Unearthed High winner is proof to what we've known for a while - that she is truly a formidable talent with a dangerous gift for creating sharp and sophisticated pop. On Begin To Look Around, Gretta is everything - she's the protagonist, the preacher, the student, the victim and, most victoriously, the hero!

The huge intelligent pop moments - like 'Bigger Than Me' and 'Passion' - present themselves quickly, but dig deeper and songs like 'The Brink', 'Cherish', 'Happenstance' and 'It's Almost Christmas In Philly' assist in rounding out what is near-on a flawless record.

Stay tuned and watch this space as we dive deep and unravel more details of what becomes a more fascinating album with every single spin as well as chat to the artist herself about her incredible career journey to this point. Her immense growth as a writer, an artist and as a human being is something to admire with awe.

All club members will receive Gretta Ray's Begin To Look Around double LP on limited edition opaque pink vinyl. PLUS you'll score a little something extra from Gretta personally.


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