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The 20 Best Remixes From Madonna's 'Finally Enough Love'

Madonna's impact on the music world is undeniable, however we arguably don't give her enough credit for her forward-thinking leadership in the dance world and club culture since her inception in 1982. She recently clocked up a whopping 50 number one songs on the Billboard Dance Chart and now she has gone and done what she does best and created a business move to compliment and celebrate this achievement. She's the undisputed queen, yet still even just a glance of the tracklist here is an overwhelming sense of her importance to music and our lives for the last 40 years.

Finally Enough Love: 50 Number Ones, the recently released compilation, pulls together all these favourite floor fillers - a lot of them remixes - for the first time. There are some BIG songs, but also heavy hitting collaborators too, and Madonna sure did know how to spot them. Everyone from William Orbit to Stuart Price and David Morales, Shep Pettibone, Junior Vasquez and even the Pet Shop Boys are present and accounted for. All the tracks were remastered by Kanye's righthand man, Mike Dean, and Madonna herself. Out of the 50, we've compiled our favourite 20 so you don't have to....


20. 'Justify My Love' (Orbit Edit)

A little dated in its approach by today's standards, yet still a near-on genius reworking from William Orbit. Trip hop before trip hop was trip hop?! You be the judge.

19. 'Bedtime Story' (Junior's Single Mix)

A masterful Junior Vasquez remix of Madonna's co-write with Björk which feels about as familiar as the original. Unmistakably '90s sonically but still dance floor gold. 18. 'Hollywood' (Calderone & Quayle Edit)

A huge mainroom thumper from a couple of Madonna mainstays, for a while at least. One of the few great moments and a true diamond in the rough of what was an otherwise weird era of controversial music videos, the above average American Life album, pashing Britney onstage and questionable Don McLean covers.

17. 'Don't Tell Me' (Thunderpuss Remix)

Another gargantuan hit from the Music days, 'Don't Tell Me' was retreated by the duo of similar size for the '90s/00's. Easy to see why with this one.

16. 'Everybody' (You Can Dance Remix Edit)

Madonna's debut single seems to be pulling the ol' Benjamin Button, its influence can be heard everywhere these days. Remains gloriously hooky and spacious in its production.

15. 'Music' (Deep Dish Dot Com Radio Edit)

It's difficult to grasp today just how huge 'Music' was in 2000 and here, soon-to-be-staples of the scene, US duo Deep Dish, put their ominous stamp on the pop-tastic, forward-thinking squelchy synth lines of the original.

14. 'Get Together' (Jacques Lu Cont Vocal Edit)

The Confessions...-era remixes are simply perfection (you're getting three in a row here) and Stuart Price does 'Get Together' justice, giving it something of a haunting makeover.

13. 'Sorry' (PSB Maxi Mix Edit)

The Madonna / Pet Shop Boys crossover no one knew they needed arrived in the form of this camp club perfection. It's takes itself a bit seriously, but don't let that weigh down the serious clout on show here.

12. 'Hung Up' (SDP Extended Vocal Edit)

Arguably, still the single greatest club song since it was released 17 years ago. That beat! Not a huge difference from the version you already know - Stuart Price kept the ABBA sample intact and that beat is just undeniable.

11. 'Ray Of Light' (Sasha Ultra Violet Remix Edit)

Can't see anyone playing this particular version over the already thumping original, but the British DJ provides a nostalgic remix for club goers of the time. If you know you know.

10. 'Holiday' (7" Version)

Sonic serotonin. If this doesn't make you immediately want, (read: NEED) to get your groove on, I'd recommend having your soul checked.

9. 'Material Girl' (7" Edit)

Still relevant, as evidenced in the awful Saucy Santana duet. The raw live drums were always an excellent surprise and the Nile Rogers sparkles are still intact. Gold!

8. 'Don't Cry For Me Argentina' (Miami Mix Edit)

A miracle in itself, in that this one makes an otherwise (intolerable) song into a huge and immensely danceable affair that someone like Baz Luhrmann would gladly put his name on. Drama, bombast and Madge prioritising vocal performance over party. Don't laugh, give it a play!

7. 'What It Feels Like For A Girl' (Above & Beyond Radio Edit)

Madonna was always in front and by the time she reached her third single from Music, she was already moving past it for something different - this particular version of the forward-thinking song was issued to radio and copped a music video instead of the original album version. It put legendary trio Above & Beyond on the radar and they created a staple techno club classic.

6. 'Frozen' (Extended Club Mix Edit)

It's a little surprising the recent Sickick version isn't here. It's the one to bring the glorious trip hop sonics of the original back into the mainstream on TikTok. Nevertheless, this is another downtempo number which is ramped into something spot-on.

5. 'Secret' (Junior's Luscious Single Mix)

Near-on the greatest single for this writer, it gets a flawless remix from '90's ubiquitous Junior Vasquez. It goes from lightly-strummed guitar R&B flavours of the single to a right banger with constant forward momentum. It just works!

4. 'Deeper And Deeper' (David's Radio Edit)

Most of Erotica seems a bit underrated due to the hefty controversy surrounding the album and Madonna's image at the time. The second single is already a tidy slice of d-floor gold, but '90's heavy hitter David Morales still managed some extra disco glitz to the mix. Side note - Erotica, the album, is about to turn 30, here's hoping it receives its just desserts in terms of recognition as one of Madonna's best.

3. 'Like A Prayer' (7" Remix Edit)

God? One of her most controversial pieces still sounds like a million bucks. This glistening beauty feels like it was overseen by Prince, the mid-way funk parts have to have something to do with him, he was playing uncredited guitar on it after all.

2. 'Into The Groove' (You Can Dance Remix Edit)

The '80's were absolutely glorious for remixes. They often retained most of the original just added a little extra that feels like it had been chopped for radio purposes. 'Into The Groove' just might be Madonna's number one signature song and, here, it's enough to want to track down a time machine just so we can experience this in its heyday. There's nothing like it!

1. 'Vogue' (Single Version)

Quite simply, a perfect pop song, one which hasn't left the forefront of the club dance floor since it was released in 1990. Even Beyonce understands its clout and recently mixed her own 'Break My Soul' into it, but note how the beat and original production is untouched.




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