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Best Albums : 2024 (So Far)

2024 has been a pretty blockbuster year for music so far - we've seen virtually every major pop star release something (to varying levels of quality), as well as a bunch of rising artists we're watching with a keen eye.

Here is the rundown of Best Albums : 2024 (So Far), our favourite LPs of the year, unranked and in reverse chronological order, whittled down by our rabid "board" of contributors, writers, reviewers and music fanatics.

In our playlist above, you'll find four songs from each album we've enjoyed this year. It's a rolling list that starts in June and ends in January. Listen to it how you wish - in order or on shuffle - give it a follow and a listen and hopefully you'll hear something new. Let us know if you do and if we missed any of your favourites.


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