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Air Live: A Photo Gallery

French pop duo Air play Moon Safari in full for Vivid Sydney at Sydney Opera House

Twenty-five years ago, a pair of young French musicians set out on a journey through the pop cosmos – and came back with a romantic masterpiece. Melding lush electronics, swooning songcraft and irresistible European retro-futurism, Moon Safari contained a universe that continues to lure in listeners with its gorgeous, starry-eyed sonic wonder.

French pop duo Air recently floated into Australia and played the Sydney Opera House for Vivid, but what made the night even more special is that they played era-defining and classic debut album Moon Safari in full for the first time to celebrate its 25th anniversary.

Never quite off duty, our very own sexy boy Chris Hearles, wasn't scheduled to shoot, but sent us some neat iPhone snaps of Air live to show you.


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