British post-punk is alive and well in 2021

As society stacks up a towering pile of universal anger, entitled hipsters shout at any movement that gets them Instagram likes and politicians scramble to make ill-informed decisions, musicians be making music that matters. Just a take a look at history, anger and rage emerge when the world is in disarray and they become our soundtracks for the time.

The British music makers are amongst the toppermost lot who should be angry and able to shout their grievances from any stage with a microphone available. However, they can't even do that right now. Last Friday (Jan 15th), not one but two truly remarkable albums were released from that neck of the woods, officially kicking off the vinyl-collecting year with records worth hearing immediately. Truly captivating, don't be surprised if we're still talking about these two come year end when we're assembling our EOY lists - yes, I do know it's only the second week of January and that's a premature call, but really they both are that good.