n a cramped studio deep in Bushwick, New York City, You Am I hunkered down to make a start on their tenth studio album, 'Porridge And Hotsauce.'

In over two decades this band has gone from a (sometimes misspelled) name at the bottom of the bill at rock 'n' roll haunts in Sydney and Melbourne to being internationally renowned and locally influential standard bearers for rock 'n' roll as, to quote Lester Bangs, "a raw wail from the bottom of the guts."


Transcending the Australian music scene's trend-driven nature, You Am I have remained a steadfast component of the live scene and their ability to conjure excitement on-stage, whether playing in front of five or five thousand, is the stuff of legend.

Of course You Am I's early albums are much revered and regarded as important pieces of Australian rock 'n' roll culture, something their triumphant and spectacular two album show on the massive "Hi Fi Daily Double" tour paid testament to.

But You Am I have never been one to rest on their laurels or give up when the going gets tough. They've continually made fantastic records ever since, regularly hitting the upper reaches of the charts just through the devotion of their fans.


The forthcoming cheekily titled 'Porridge & Hotsauce' is the tenth You Am I studio album, and is a head-rush of rocking tunes tempered by songs that stretch beyond mere rock 'n' roll tomfoolery, showing off every element of Tim Roger's genius songsmithery. 


The first taste from the album is "Good Advices," a song Tim says was inspired "A few years ago when we were given the opportunity to look back at some records we had done a while back. Whilst it was a blast, havin' a peak behind us only compelled us to leap foolishly into the future. 'Good Advices' is about throwing away the script and clinging to your imagination as the only guide. We've trusted our wits so far, and if it got us here, this hopped up and rarin' to go, our wits done good."


So after twenty five years, 10 studio albums, 10 Aria awards, two live albums (one a 3LP boxset), two "best of" albums, hundreds of sold out shows and playing with heroes like The Rolling Stones, The Who, The Replacements and The Kaisers it would seem You Am I have earned the right to continue as they bloody well please, and long may they do so!!

You Am I - Porridge & Hotsauce


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