From flourishing indie label False Peak Records out of Mt. Cotten, QLD, comes the gorgeous debut album from the swingin' Melbourne outfite The Yugoslav Attack.


James Wiley (formerly from Hot Girls, Summer Policy), has been busy recruiting the finest jazz musicians he could find in Melbourne to play his compositions that span a unique combination of musical genres. The Yugoslav Attack play a blend of melodies you're likely to hear on a late 90s emo record, infused with the smooth jazz sounds of a Blue Note Records release. Fianchetto is their debut album set for release in November 2019. The songs from this album have been played live at some of the best jazz establishments in Melbourne, and the band are looking to branch out into the punk scene where it all began for James and Raphe. You won't have heard anything like The Yugoslav Attack, that's for sure.

The Yugoslav Attack - Fianchetto (Limited Edition Green Vinyl)


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