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Waxx Lyrical 2020

Bonding over a shared love of dark, emotive 80's guitar sounds and the high-end sheen of American R&B, The XX are being justly heralded as the UK's most original and treasured alt-pop artifact of the last decade. They produce stark, sweet melancholic pop & are a union that would drop-jaws in any decade.


'XX' is the debut album, recorded between December 2008 to February 2009 at the record label's in-house studio in London. Audio engineer Rodaidh McDonald worked with the xx during the recording sessions and strived to reproduce the intimate, unembellished quality of their demos. The band's Jamie Smith produced 'XX' on his laptop and created electronic beats for the songs, which he then mixed in a detailed process with McDonald.


  • Intro
  • VCR
  • Crystalised
  • Islands
  • Heart Skipped a Beat
  • Fantasy
  • Shelter
  • Basic Space
  • Infinity
  • Night Time
  • Stars

    The XX - The XX