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Limited edition green & yellow splatter vinyl! 500 pressed, individually numbered.


Hot Potato. Fruit Salad. D.O.R.O.T.H.Y. The biggest hits spanning multiple generations. Four men. Four coloured skivvies. One captain. One dinosaur. The Wiggles have arrived on Impressed with their classic 1994 album.


The first Impressed wiggly colour-ways sold out in hours, so when Dorothy the Dinosaur came to us with a proposition to press her very own Limited Edition Dinosaur version, we were thrilled - when Dorothy herself says jump, the only thing left to ask is, 'how high?!' She requested her own green and yellow splatter version with a custom designed, collectible Obi Strip. Limited to 500 copies.


The Wiggles are a cultural juggernaut. They've won 18 ARIAs and become Hall of Famers, reached billions of streams online globally and spread more joy than any other in Australian history. You can watch them on TV in over 190 countries. They regularly come in as Australia's most streamed artists on Spotify at the end of the year. Legions of kids that have grown up with The Wiggles now play them to their children and grandchildren, so we are absolutely thrilled to be putting this album on vinyl again. 

The Wiggles - Yummy Yummy (Green & Yellow Splatter Vinyl)

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