The Prodigy, the original electronic music trailblazers, are back with some of their fiercest tunes ever.

No Tourists has been written, produced and mixed over the last year by Liam Howlett in his studio in London's Kings Cross. Maxim and Keef Flint are very much present and correct, each supplying their legendary vocal skills on this seventh studio record.

Yes, there are one or two collaborators, but fundamentally this is the sound of the central Prodigy three bringing their riotous sound to audiences old and new.

Side A:
Need Some1 2:43
Light Up The Sky 3:20
We Live Forever 3:43

Side B:
No Tourists 4:18
Fight Fire With Fire 3:29

Side C:
Timebomb Zone 3:24
Champions Of London 4:49

Side D:
Boom Boom Tap 4:05
Resonate 3:50
Give Me A Signal 4:01

The Prodigy - No Tourists (Clear Violet 2LP Vinyl)