For fans of Gotye's heavenly pipes, 'With This Ship' is one of the finest examples of what that voice can do when needed. 'With This Ship' was a very successful outing for he and his other project The Basics. It was added to triple j rotation and brought a whole new legion of fans to one of the finest bands in the country. Plus the lads went full monty for the single cover.


A must-have for completionists, the 7" vinyl includes mixes of 'With This Ship' and 'Trouble In His Head' produced by Francois Tetaz - who you might know as the man behind Gotye's "Making Mirrors" and "Like Drawing Blood" albums, including the smash-hit 'Somebody That I Used To Know'. Very different to the final versions produced by Peter Cobbin, pick it up before it's too late!

The Basics - With This Ship (7" Single)


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