Okay this is extra special, because THE BASICS' 2007 album "Stand Out/Fit In" is getting the full treatment: they've gone back to the original mixes and done some tweaks, they've reworked the artwork for the vinyl package, and for the first time they're including the rare B-side "You Will Know What's Right" as a bonus track.

It's so freaking exciting, because this was really their first "professional" release, and they've learned so much since then - and have the people they worked with - it's going to be remarkable to revisit what many consider their best work.


Rattle My Chain 3:25
Memory Lane 3:33
Have Love, Will Travel 2:32
Hey There! 2:37
Just Hold On 2:41
(Love, Love) Speak To Me 2:30
Lookin' Over My Shoulder 3:17
Sound Off 2:36
Better 3:26
The Two Words 2:16
Three Cool Cats 2:32
Bitten By The Same Bug 3:42
That Girl 3:59

The Basics - Stand Out / Fit In (Limited Edition)


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