And finally THE BASICS are bringing you the definitive vinyl version of their first commercially-available album "Get Back", recorded at Wally Debacker's (Gotye) old house with their original guitarist, Michael. They're remastering the tracks for the new decade, and are returning to the original tracklisting from the 2003 release.

Hey C'mon! 2:42
You're Already Gone 3:23
Did I Ever Stand A Chance? 3:08
I Could Go On 3:26
Lovin' Man 2:23
What Have You Done? 3:24
Can You Trust Me? 2:10
She's Gonna B. Late 2:17
I Don't Need Another 3:31
Gone... Gone... Gone 3:12
It's Over 2:30

The Basics - Get Back (Limited Edition)


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