Purchased by mistake LOL (was aiming for the greatest hits compilation), but no regrets at all. In actuality, this is a really cool 6 x 7" vinyl boxset celebrating Spiderbait's most loved singles of their career. For fans, this is VERY limited.


Aussie alt-rock legends Spiderbait have dug back into the archives for their next release, a special, limited edition 7" vinyl box set collecting all of their biggest singles.

"It's been great to look back at all these singles, from number 1s like Black Betty and Buy Me a Pony, to my personal faves like 'Calypso', 'Stevie' and 'It’s Beautiful'," (drummer and vocalist Kram).


"They are like a diary of our lives bringing back memories from the whole time we've been playing together. The same three country kids who formed a band for fun and ended up having this fucked up, brilliant, unexpected adventure!"


The tracks featured on the box set amount to a pretty nifty best-of, with songs stretching from the band's very first release – the fuzzy, thrashy 'Circle K' – through to tracks from the band's most recent album, 2013's Spiderbait.


7IN - 1

  • 1. Side A Old Man Sam
  • 2. Side B Circle K

7IN - 2

  • 1. Side A - Monty
  • 2. Side B - Jesus

7IN - 3

  • 1. Side A Buy Me A Pony
  • 2. Side B - Calypso

7IN - 4

  • 1. Side A - Glokenpop
  • 2. Side B - Shazam

7IN - 5

  • 1. Side A Black Betty
  • 2. Side B Fucken Awesome

7IN - 6

  • 1. Side A Straight Through The Sun
  • 2. Side B It's Beautiful

Spiderbait - The Singles (LIMITED 7" Box Set)