The inimitable Sarah Blasko is one of Australia's most cherished singer/songwriters and on her 6th LP, Depth Of Field, she is weaponises a brand new sound. Featuring lead single 'Phantom', the album is jam packed with boisterous piano chords, soaring strings, and lush instrumentation blending the worlds of amplified and acoustic music like only Sarah can, with her unique, storied vocals front and center.


A brilliant chapter in the book of Blasko.



  • 1. Phantom
  • 2. A Shot
  • 3. Never Let Me Go
  • 4. Everybody Wants To Sin
  • 5. Heaven Sent
  • 6. Making It Up
  • 7. Savour It
  • 8. Another
  • 9. Read My Mind
  • 10. Leads Me Back

Sarah Blasko - Depth Of Field


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