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From flourishing indie label False Peak Records out of Mt. Cotten, QLD, comes the gorgeous debut album from singer, musican and label head Remy Boccalatte.


With two decades spent hiking the musical trail, Remy is no stranger to the climb. From his previous work with The Paper and the Plane, Hungry Kids of Hungary and Spring Skier, to his current projects We Set Sail and An Heirloom, Boccalatte has traversed all manner of indie terrain, from sunshine to the shadows, drawing together a wide range of influences as he has traipsed along the path.


With his debut solo release “Swimming Over Faultlines”, Boccalatte has once again been on anything but a simple stroll. Thematically a meditation on love, loss and learning, the album finds its footing, and Boccalatte, his voice, through introspection and metaphor, culminating in an aurally-stunning realisation of release.


Recorded and engineered by David Rylands in Brisbane, with additional tracking completed in Melbourne, Hobart, and Vancouver over a period of two years, “Swimming Over Faultlines” showcases musicians Kane Mazlin (Hungry Kids of Hungary/Spring Skier/Sans Parents), Ryan Strathie (Holy Holy, Olympia, Hungry Kids of Hungary), and multi-instrumentalist Claire Stevenson at the peak of performance. Making full use of their respective professional pedigrees within the presentation of each song with deft mastering at the hands of Grammy Award-winning engineer William Bowden, the album remains dynamic yet focused throughout.


“Swimming Over Faultlines” finds an artist engaged with his muse, all elements in communion. Imbued with a hope amidst the searching, Boccalatte embraces openness as a strength and leaves the listener with an enduring sense that the only piece left to uncover is his audience.



  1. Virtues
  2. Buoyancy
  3. Speaking in Schwas
  4. Silent Partners
  5. Piaget’s Mountain
  6. Aether
  7. Forest Fires
  8. Blivet River
  9. Fairer Tales
  10. Cabin Fever

Remy Boccalatte - Swimming Over Faultlines (Limited Edition)

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