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Reissue of the live album 'Alive 1997' by Daft Punk, originally released in 2001.


Alive 1997 is a live album by Daft Punk recorded in 1997 and released in 2001. The album contains an excerpt of a 45-minute 30-second performance at Birmingham's Que Club in 1997 during the Daftendirektour. It was initially released through the online Daft Club service under the name Daft Live.




  1. Wdpk Part 1 (Live In Birmingham)
  2. Da Funk (Live In Birmingham)
  3. Rollin' and Scratchin' (Live in Birmingham)



  1. Rollin' and Scratchin' (Live in Birmingham)
  2. Wdpk Part 2 (Live In Birmingham)
  3. Alive (Live In Birmingham)

Daft Punk - Alive 1997 (2LP Vinyl

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