With one foot dragging through the hazy past and the other dangling over the precipice of bad decisions, Polish Club welcomes you to their second album, Iguana.


The long-awaited follow-up to their dashing debut armed with some surprisingly different sonic weaponry. Featuring the wall-to-wall sound of single ‘Clarity’ (#78 Hottest 100) & new single ‘We Don’t Care’, which boasts enough emotional wallop to stop Alan Jones mid-sentence, somehow still managing the trick of sounding exactly like Polish Club, yet distinctly different.



Side A

1. We Don't Care

2. Iguana

3. Goddamn!

4. Clarity

5. Breakapart

6. Sun

Side B

7. Time Crisis

8. As Low As It Goes

9. Let's Pretend

10. 2 Scared

11. Moonlighting

12. I Don’t Need This Anymore

Polish Club - Iguana (Lime Coola Vinyl)


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