Recorded and produced in Los Angeles by Lars Stalfors (St. Vincent, Soccer Mummy, Purity Ring), the follow-up to the band’s award-winning 2018 debut, Lost Friends, is their most personal and courageous effort to date.


Moving away from lyrics of a more conceptual nature, Today We’re The Greatest is the open, uninhibited product of fearless collaboration. Showing a real vulnerability, Joy is pulling directly from her own experiences and breaking down barriers she had previously set for herself.

About the new record, she said: “I want to make music that loves its listener. Music that makes people feel seen, seen in the tiny little places that hide away in their hearts. I want people to hear our music, and feel a sense of love. And when I say love, it can be challenging, intense and tough. But it’s in the guts.”



  • 1. Bad Neighbours
  • 2. Cellophane (Brain)
  • 3. R U 4 Me?
  • 4. Questions
  • 5. Lost In Los Angeles
  • 6. Golden Star
  • 7. Summer Hill
  • 8. Some People Stay In Our Hearts Forever
  • 9. Run With You
  • 10. I Dont Care
  • 11. Stacking Chairs
  • 12. Today Were The Greatest

Middle Kids - Today We're The Greatest (Indies Exclusive Orange Vinyl)