Release Date: 07/08/2020


Laura Marling’s exquisite seventh album 'Song For Our Daughter' arrives almost without preamble or warning in the midst of uncharted global chaos, and yet instantly and tenderly offers a sense of purpose, clarity and calm. As a balm for the soul, this full-blooded new collection could be posited as Laura’s richest to date, but in truth it’s another incredibly fine record by a British artist who rarely strays from delivering incredibly fine records.


Taking much of the production reins herself, alongside long-time collaborators Ethan Johns and Dom Monks, Laura has layered up lush string arrangements and a broad sense of scale to these songs without losing any of the intimacy or reverence we’ve come to anticipate and almost take for granted from her throughout the past decade.


Side A

  • 1. Alexandra
  • 2. Held Down
  • 3. Strange Girl
  • 4. Only The Strong
  • 5. Blow By Blow


Side B

  • 1. Song For Our Daughter
  • 2. Fortune
  • 3. The End of the Affair
  • 4. Hope We Meet Again
  • 5. For You

Laura Marling - Song For Our Daughter


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