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Korn's new album on Indie Exclusive Milky Clear Vinyl


Due to the effects of Covid and the inability to play live shows for the first time in the band’s illustrious career, Requiem was conceived out of very different circumstances than the majority of the band’s catalogue. It is an album born of time and the ability to create without pressure. Energized by a new creative process free of time constraints, the band was able to do things with Requiem that the past two decades haven't always afforded them, such as taking additional time to experiment together or diligently recording to analog tape – processes which unearthed newfound sonic dimension and texture in their music.


Fans have been anticipating new music after Korn previewed a snippet of “Start The Healing” within an augmented reality filter and billboards bearing the band's iconic logo began appearing worldwide last week.


  • 1. Forgotten
  • 2. Let the Dark Do the Rest
  • 3. Start The Healing
  • 4. Lost in the Grandeur
  • 5. Disconnect
  • 6. Hopeless and Beaten
  • 7. Penance to Sorrow
  • 8. My Confession
  • 9. Worst Is On Its Way

KORN - Requiem (Indie Exclusive Milky Clear Vinyl)

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