Joy Division - Closer (180g heavyweight vinyl)
Replicating original artwork, cut from the 2007 remasters
CAT: 825646183913
Closer is Joy Division's second and final album, released in July 1980, just two months after the suicide of frontman Ian Curtis, subsequently retiring the band name before the remaining members took up as New Order.
Fast forward 40 years to 2020 and the album is recognised as a seminal release in the post-punk era despite leaving the sharp-eared Peter Hook and Bernard Sumner unimpressed with the production work of the acclaimed Martin Hannett.
With dark strokes of goth, the album is a breathtaking departure from their classic debut - Unknown Pleasures - offering some of the most irresistible dance music of the year with roiling, off-center rhythms taking on a life of their own.
	1. Atrocity Exhibition
	2. Isolation
	3. Passover
	4. Colony
	5. A Means to an End
	6. Heart and Soul
	7. Twenty Four Hours
	8. The Eternal
	9. Decades

Joy Division - Closer (180g Heavyweight Vinyl)


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