Melbourne's indie-darlings IV League are this year's recipitant of Happy Mag's Needle In The Hay competition which awarded them the opportunity to have 250 copies of their debut EP When You Lose Me pressed to wax. And we're stoked to be able to offer you, our loyal club members, an opportunity to grab one of these incredibly limited edition copies.


Made up of Bella Venutti and Lachie Gilmour, IV League draw influence from ’90s alt-rock (think The BreedersThe Pixies). When You Lose Me is made up of five dazzling tracks, effortlessly balancing hard-hitting, scratchy rock with moments of melancholic dream pop.

From the raucous Superstar to the sentimental, half time Lose Me, Venutti’s voice is a stunning force throughout, soaring over thick, crunchy guitars and urgent rhythms which sweep you up.

IV League - When You Lose Me (Limited Edition)


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