One of 2020's big ones and the band's third album – 'Ultra Mono' - is the sound of Idles heading into battle, battering ram in hand, for those tenets. Sonically constructed to capture the feeling of a hip-hop record (Kenny Beats even helped with programming on several tracks), the songs double down on the vitriolic sneer and blunt social commentary of their past work. Not far beneath the surface of their self-admitted sloganeering lies a deeply complex and brutally relevant album that chews up clichés and spits them out as high art for the masses.


'Ultra Mono' follows the band's excellent and highly acclaimed two albums, 'Brutalism' and 'Joy As An Act Of Resistance'.



  • 1. War
  • 2. Grounds
  • 3. Mr. Motivator
  • 4. Anxiety
  • 5. Kill Them With Kindness
  • 6. Model Village


  • 1. Ne Touche Pas Moi
  • 2. Carcinogenic
  • 3. Reigns
  • 4. The Lover
  • 5. A Hymn
  • 6. Danke


IDLES - Ultra Mono (Deluxe 2 x LP)


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