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Limited Edition 180g Turquoise Coloured Vinyl. 400 pressed, numbered OBI strip.


Did someone order a mountain of hooks? An indie classic finally arrives on wax. Brisbane’s finest, remastered and ready to roll. A record you might have not listened to in a while, but if you’re of our vintage, you’ll never truly forget. 


Hungry Kids of Hungary are one of the standout bands of the mid-00s Australian indie explosion. Their debut record arrived to rave reviews off the back of a dream run of standout singles and the band soon sold out headline tours across the country. Escapades has become something of a touchstone for Australian music fans and we remain very much impressed by it.  


Limited to only 400 copies in clear turquoise heavyweight vinyl, with an individually-numbered obi strip, double-sided colour lyric insert, and bespoke essay.



  1. Coming Around
  2. Wristwatch
  3. Closer Apart
  4. Let You Down
  5. You Ain't Always There
  6. Scattered Diamonds
  7. No Returns
  8. Eat Your Heart Out
  9. Set It Right
  10. China Will Wait
  11. The Vacationer
  12. The Window Shopper

Hungry KidsOf Hungary - Escapades (Limited Turquoise 180g Vinyl)

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